Do we hate them that much?

Steve says not sharing your crisps is mean.
Steve says not sharing your crisps is mean.
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Colman’s is set to launch a milder version of its mustard for customers who find its current recipe too hot to handle.

There are a couple of reasons why this annoys me. Firstly, why buy mild mustard? Why not just put a little bit less of the strong mustard on your food?

And secondly, everyone knows that if you want mild mustard, you buy French mustard rather than English because it’s milder.

Do we really hate the French that much that we’d invent our own milder mustard just to annoy them?

nNothing says you’ve not cleaned enough like finding a little piece of Sellotape on the corner of your coffee table that’s been dangling there since Christmas Eve when you tore lots of bits off in order to wrap your presents.

And, yes, in case any of you are wondering, I did find a little piece dangling from my coffee table last night.

n I’ve just discovered the worst food greediness trait in one of my friends, who admitted this to me.

If he has a bag of crisps, he will crush all the crisps inside.

Not so they’re all reduced to crumbs, but just enough to make them all pretty small.

And he does this so if he has to offer his friends any, they can’t take any large crisps out of his bag. How greedy and mean is that?

n You know how if you apply for your first passport, your passport photo has to be countersigned by someone of good standing who can vouch that you’re who you are?

Well, I was looking at the list of professions the passport office deems as ‘of good standing’, and it includes the following: Accountants, bankers, councillors, MPs, lawyers, professional photographers (including paparazzi) and solicitors.

I don’t know about you, but I think it is about time they thought about changing the list.

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