Do we really need to get in a scrap over electrical goods?

Vital to plan together in case disaster should strike

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Amazon has got a lot to answer for.

I don’t mean the rapidly-decreasing rainforest. No, I mean the online shop that started as a bookshop and now sells everything including the kitchen sink.

I buy from Amazon. I think I’m even an Amazon Prime customer, having forgotten to turn off my free trial before it became not-so-free.

But the most ridiculous thing to happen to Britain since UKIP started winning elections is the fault of Amazon: bringing Black Friday to the UK.

What did the company do? Four years ago it decided to import Black Friday to the UK.

For those who don’t know what it is, Black Friday is the day after Thanksgiving in America when shops discount lots of their goods and people generally go a little bit mad trying to buy them.

Amazon, being a multinational, started getting complaints from online shoppers in the UK that its American customers were getting better deals and that’s why, four years ago, it offered UK customers the same deal.

The saying goes that when America sneezes Britain catches a cold.

Well, seeing videos and pictures of degenerate shoppers scrabbling for marked-down electrical goods proves that the Great British reserve is a fictional thing.

Elbows in faces, arrests in Tesco, you name it, they were doing it. And, for us, it’s not even a holiday. It’s just a random Friday in November.

Are shoppers really going to save so much money they are willing to hurt other people just to get their hands on a breadmaker?

Thanks to the recession, the Boxing Day sales have been starting increasingly early as shops look for ways of getting discerning customers back through the door.

So now they have hit on yet another way of getting our money – for who knows in a shopping scrum whether everything shoved in your arms is at sale price or full price?

The shops are doing what they need to do to survive.

But that doesn’t mean anyone needs to go and have a scrap for a telly in a backwater supermarket at 1am.