Do yourselves a favour and pick an easier fashion guru

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To most of us, clothes are what we put on to spare our blushes as we go about our daily business.

But there’s a hardcore few for whom fashion really matters and they’ve got a new poster girl to look up to.

If you’re a fan of the way the Duchess of Cambridge looks, you can now use your iPhone to track her every fashion footstep.

Download this particular app and you can stay one step ahead of the game when it comes to being a copy Kate.

Sadly, there’s no news yet on whether this gadget will also give you the figure to carry off that sophisticated dress you’ve just spent a week’s wages on, or the kind of social calendar that calls for a tasteful fascinator/clutch bag combination.

And therein lies the problem with picking someone like Kate Middleton as your style icon.

When the Duchess wears the same outfit twice, she’s somehow championed as a passionate advocate for more recycling.

Her eco-credentials are lauded as if she’s a proper card-carrying member of the Green party.

Yet to most of us, wearing the same dress twice really is no biggie.

If we’re lucky, we’ll make sure we don’t turn up to two social soirees in a row wearing the same frock.

But sometimes, needs must. Especially if you’ve shelled out any more than £60 for your prized possession.

But none of that stops people in their tracks and makes them realise that your average woman stands more chance of finding a cellulite cream that actually works than ever looking like Kate.

Still, each of her increasingly frequent public appearances is followed by a mad dash to the computer, where frantic Google searches reveal the make and possible stockist of every item she’s worn.

Want to know how to get Kate’s look? Search hard enough and you’ll find hundreds of words devoted to the subject.

Frankly, it all sounds like far too much of a faff to me.

Far better to pick someone like Jo Brand or Coleen Nolan as your fashion guru.

At least that way you can wear your tracksuit with pride.