Doctor Who's back but why were they calling her '˜love'? '“ Zella Compton

Doctor Who returned to our screens with flair. I really enjoyed it butwas surprised the Doctor allowed herself to be called '˜love' for most of the episode.

Tuesday, 9th October 2018, 2:44 pm
Updated Tuesday, 9th October 2018, 3:54 pm
Jodie Whittaker as The Doctor in Doctor Who

  I can't imagine previous incarnations enjoying that particular term of endearment. The episode had the right amount of horror and humour to ease us into a new season though I was quite surprised by the continual references to dyspraxia as I thought it was a condition children grew out of '“ so I've looked it up and learnt that the Doctor, as well as banging on about fairness and forgiveness, has taught me something medical too.

 I can't wait for the rest of the series, especially if we're learning medical stuff as we go.

Why can't we all be a little kinder on the busy roads?

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I like to think of myself as forgiving when it comes to being a learner driver as I had a very, very near miss once when turning right at a junction. 

It was maybe my second or third lesson and I was admittedly going the pace of a geriatric snail using a Zimmer frame that's stuck in concrete.

But, even so, to overtake me when I was quite clearly turning that painful right was plain wrong.

It was shocking and upsetting and caused me to have a mini-breakdown, thus causing a mini traffic jam.

And I still have flashbacks at that junction.

Therefore, three decades down the line, I aim to be as accommodating as possible to learners and their instructors.

Being an instructor must surely be a hard task. 

You're almost constantly in peril and placing your life in the hands of teenagers, and having the wrathful gaze of every other driver on the road pointed at your car.

But there are things instructors should also focus on other than survival.

One of those is using two lanes for the art of merge in turn.

I can't abide cars queuing in one lane while the one next to it sits empty.

The pompous presumptive fury of anyone in the first lane if a driver dares to use the other one when the lanes come together infuriates me (and even though I go on about this every six months or so, nothing changes).

The second thing is etiquette, the kindness of letting others go first.

Like buses, you can get around them in the next stop.

And, more importantly, hearses and processions.

If there's a hearse on the road, it's quite likely that a couple of cars behind it will belong to the mourning procession.

They might not be flying black ribbons, or lowering the aerial to half-mast, but still, let's teach our new drivers and older ones too, that you should allow cars behind the hearse to stay behind the hearse.

Let them all out at the junction, not just the coffin carrier.  

Take a little bit of stress out of a family's day with that common courtesy.

In a moment of destruction, Banksy's legend was assured 

In a mega moment, Banksy's latest piece of artwork to hit an auction house floor, self-destructed at the point of sale.

  At just over a million pounds, the value of the remnants were quickly predicted to increase above the sale price due to the stunt.

The incredible planning which went into that has me in awe, but then, the career of the street artist has been nothing if not extraordinary.

I've heard his or her identity is closely linked with a couple of people, but I also rather like the fact so few people know. It'd spoil the fun as the legend has grown astronomically around the ambiguity and talent.

That's a life which movie makers will be queuing up to make the biopic of.