Doctors should have had a chance to save Charlie Gard

Sadly Charlie Gard died before he even made it to his first birthday.

Monday, 7th August 2017, 9:00 pm
Updated Tuesday, 12th September 2017, 11:53 am
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As with much of his short life, the last few hours were decided by the courts – they refused his parents’ wishes to allow Charlie to spend the last few hours of his life at home and ordered him to be moved to a hospice.

The whole way the case was played out by the hospital and authorities was wrong in my opinion.

I know Great Ormond Street is one of the best children’s hospitals in the world and from a medical standpoint they would know best, but at the end of the day they are not his parents.

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Yes, it was more than likely the treatment would not have worked, but as a parent if there was just a one per cent chance, you would want to grab it with both hands.

The decision on his treatment shouldn’t have got to the stage of legal battles in the High Court and European Court. Too much time was wasted and what chance of life, albeit a slim one, was hindered until it was impossible to move on with any treatment and the parents had the devastating task of turning off the life support.

Final life and death decisions should be left to the parents. They are the ones who have to live with the aftermath for the rest of their lives.

A judge sitting behind a desk in Strasbourg moves on to the next case and the Charlie Gard paperwork is filed away.

Another question we need to ask is the government’s role in making life and death decisions. Didn’t we fight a war once against a regime that ended the life of those with disabilities?

The Gards raised the money themselves and had specialists willing to help them. Even Donald Trump and the Pope stepped in.

It’s not as if they were planning to send him off to a bunch of witch doctors dancing around a burning goat, throwing about incense and drinking concoctions of crushed alligator bones and ant-eater blood.

Some of the world’s finest doctors wanted to help.

It’s just a shame they weren’t given the opportunity to try to help.

Now Charlie’s parents will always be thinking: what if?


As far as wedding presents go, being given a suicide belt from your husband must be quite the passion-killer.

But that’s what jihadist Ahmed Mohamed, also known affectionately as the The Decapitator, gave his wife on their wedding day.

Imagine the scene – the wedding breakfast, an hilarious best man’s speech by his friend The Torturer, a perfectly choregraphed first dance and then being carried over the threshold with a suicide belt slung over your shoulder.

And all she really wanted was to elope to Gretna Green.

However, his Tinder profile should have given her a few clues.

He enjoys long walks in the park, lazy Sundays on the sofa and... slicing people’s heads off. GSOH.


New research has shown that sperm levels among western men is at an all-time low.

Apparently it has been cut by more than 50 per cent in just 40 years.

There isn’t any clear indication of what has caused it, although the usual suspects of obesity, smoking and pesticides are mentioned.

For the conspiracy theorists among us – chemtrails and fluoride in the tap water might also be to blame.

I always thought having a mobile phone in your jeans’ pocket so close to that vital area, wasn’t going to do the production of your little fellas any favours at all.

The fashionable tight jeans look has got to shoulder some of the blame too.

Further studies showed fertility rates of 90 per cent of men in Southsea at zero...