Does anyone know what elections are for any more?

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Polling cards arrived last week for the local elections at the beginning of May.

But can someone tell me what the elections are actually for?

I’m not greatly motivated by politics.

I, like many, am fed up with the endless bickering of politicians and in many cases I still don’t trust a lot of them.

I am not alone. Most of my friends lead busy lives and their only real brush with politics is watching or reading about it.

So, to these elections in May.

Who should I vote for? Who is standing? And what are they going to do for my area?

When I think about it, I’ve lived in Gosport’s Priddy’s Hard for five years now and not once has a canvasser knocked on my door trying to win my vote.

Yes, I get the odd flier through the door, but this is just propaganda.

Of course it’s going to say lovely things about the person who it’s about – but I want a chance to question them.

So what is life like in Priddy’s Hard?

Well they don’t cut the grass as often as they used to and a few of the hedges are running wild.

Dog fouling is still a major problem and even though we have a convenience store, pet shop, hairdresser and a Chinese take-away, we could also do with an Indian!

Speak to most people around the area and they too have no idea who they are going to vote for.

They say that they will probably vote for the same party as they did in the general election.

But what if you voted Monster Raving Loony last time as a protest and did the same this time?

We’d probably end up with a massive bust of Screaming Lord Sutch and have Chris De Burgh music piped around the square.

But politicians are certainly not working hard enough to get our votes.

They need to do far more to explain their policies and give us all the chance to really question them.

I’ll be doing what I normally do. I vote for a different party each time.

Margaret Thatcher and Tony Blair both had too long in Downing Street and we can’t have the same situation in Priddy’s Hard.