Doggy doo-doos have become such big business these days

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Well folks, who’d have thought that dumping doggy doo-doos would be such big business darlings?

Last week, bored with the usual dross on the gogglebox, I was channel-hopping, looking for a programme with a bit more intellectual vibe to it.

What I found didn’t stimulate my little grey cells, but it sure tickled my giggle spot. I’d hopped on to one of the shopping channels, where a pooper-scooper was being demonstrated.

Both the product promoter and the shopping channel presenter were taking it all very seriously. They had a little dog on a lead to demonstrate how tricky it is to hang on to your pooch whilst scooping their poop.

There was a selection of boxes with grass, sand and shingle in (challenging places to poop scoop) and a line of raw sausages on the floor (pretend poo). But, while the two gents waxed lyrical to the camera about the advantages of a pooper-scooper, unbeknown to them the two little dogs were scoffing the ‘poo’, er, sausages.

I know it’s daft, but I couldn’t stop laughing. They say never work with children or animals on TV.

Anyway, my newshoundess nostrils started to twitch and I decided to investigate the world of the pooper- scooper. Folks, it’s massive.

Especially over the pond, where our American cousins are really into dumping doggy doo-doos. One company called Pet Butler refers to its workers as poop technicians.

Can you imagine being at a posh dinner party and being asked what your occupation is?

‘Oh I’m a poop technician’.

Another firm was called Stinkies pet waste removal. Then there were Pooh Busters and the Pooch Power Shovel. The list was endless.

Who’d have thought that what comes out of a pet pooch’s posterior could earn others such big bucks?

You may ask why my fascination with all this, especially as I don’t own a dog.

Well, on my numerous jolly jaunts along Southsea seafront I often see dog owners struggling with plastic bags trying to scoop the poop, especially if it’s a bit on the slack side.

Ooooh, soo yukky dear!

Much better to have a one-handed plastic trigger-operated poop grabber.

So what do you dog owners think?