Doing the sultry ice tray walk

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At the beginning of last week I made a firm promise to myself that I wouldn’t moan about the scorching hot heatwave that was sweeping the country.

As a nation, talking about the weather is one of our favourite subjects. It’s the topic of choice when you have to make small talk with a stranger and it’s there to rescue a conversation and fill any awkward silences.

To be completely honest, when I saw that temperatures on the south coast would reach 30C and above, I wasn’t exactly filled with joy.

However, I prepared myself for the inevitable. The first job was to do ‘The Walk’. You know, the walk from the tap to the fridge with the ice cube tray filled with water.

The ice was sorted and no water was spilled. The next challenge was to try to find a parking space for the car in the shade. No one wants to make a journey in a boiling oven with a steering wheel too hot to touch.

Then finally I had to blow up the paddling pool for the garden. With no air pump to help, I’m still feeling faint.