Don’t allow dogs to foul the beach

A sign on Esplanade, Southsea
A sign on Esplanade, Southsea

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Well folks, where to start out of dodgy splintered wood, disgusting lavs, pet pooch poo and pesky pedal people?

Let’s go with the doggy doodoos first. Instead of a quiet sashay along Southsea promenade last Sunday morning, I had Pompey people coming up to me complaining about what should NOT be happening on our seafront.

Dogs are banned from Southsea beach from March to September. But it appears many owners ignore this and let their dogs run free and poo on the beach.

I was told that one man did pooper-scooper his dog’s poo and bag it. Well done, sir.

Except, looking over his shoulder to check no-one was watching, he then buried the poo in the pebbles. Lame brain!

My destination was the Tattoo Extravaganza at the Pyramids.

It was a really fascinating event. And then before leaving I needed to spend a penny.

The Pyramids ladies’ loo is absolutely awful. Muck up the walls, broken mirror, toilet pans soiled inside and covered in grime at the base. Come on Pyramids operators, sort it out.

Walking back towards the pier, a concerned couple showed me a stack of rotten wood just chucked under one of the seafront benches under repair.

Well, that’s clever isn’t it? Just right for inquisitive youngsters to get splinters in hands.

And then it was pointed out to me that the ‘Cycling Prohibited’ and ‘£30 fine’ signs have gone. Why?

An e-mail from seafront manager David Evans states: ‘Putting up huge signs won’t change people’s decisions. In fact government guidance says too many signs are actually confusing, so we’ve changed the signs to make information clearer and, in de-cluttering the area, it also makes it more attractive. We encourage polite cycling and urge cyclists to behave responsibly.’

Read it and weep folks. The elderly, families with young children and dog walkers have been terrorised by cyclists on the promenade for years. What about them?