Don’t cry for me – Justin Bieber

Zella is taking the war on plastic into her own hands

ZELLA COMPTON: We don’t have time to wait for the government to take action on plastic

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Arctic Monkeys could start a bidding war when their record deal expires in the coming months. The band’s contract with Domino Records will come up for renegotiation once they have finished all promotional commitments for their latest album, Suck It And See. Several major labels are said to be interested in signing them.

Jennifer Lopez has won the latest round in a video footage battle with her ex-husband after a judge ruled the case will be heard in a private court. The singer/actress’ first husband Ojani Noa is planning to use 11 hours of personal footage to detail the pair’s relationship in his mockumentary How I Married Jennifer Lopez: the J.Lo and Ojani Noa Story. J-Lo’s also been photographed on the set of her new movie playing with her twins, less than a fortnight after splitting from their father, her third husband Marc Anthony. And there’s the tragedy of it all… someone’s letting J-Lo make another film!

Last week, Katie Price failed in her bid to set a new world record for the biggest book signing in Leeds, where she was hoping to sign a record number of copies of her new novel The Comeback Girl. The organisers wouldn’t say how much she missed the record by or why she failed, but Katie’s been quoted describing the plot of the novel. She said – and I quote: ‘It’s about a singer who has fame then falls and has men who do kiss and tells on her then she gets a job on an X Factor type show, then she becomes famous again and meets men again.’ If that’s the plot, I think I’ve discovered the reason not enough people turned up to the signing.

Coldplay drummer Will Champion has revealed that the band tested their new material in a secret rehearsal space, nicknamed The Beehive, to make sure the tracks translated well to a live setting. He said ‘It’s like an old village hall. A big space where we can play together.’

Red Hot Chilli Peppers frontman Anthony Kiedis broke down in tears during a flight as he watched Justin Bieber’s movie Never Say Never. He became emotional as he watched scenes of fans desperate for tickets to Bieber’s gigs, and he wasn’t alone in finding the movie hard to bear – the band’s producer Rick Rubin was also sobbing. But for what reason, I wonder?!