Don’t discourage your son – he might make a fortune

Lou's grand plan for the Spinnaker Tower
Lou's grand plan for the Spinnaker Tower
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Last weekend I was bit of a party pooper and ruined my 11-year-old son’s money-making plans.

Unknown to me, Joshua had arranged with a friend to go car-cleaning.

The plan was to knock on doors and ask people if they wanted their cars washed.

There are two reasons why I was not happy about this behaviour.

Firstly, I didn’t think knocking on strangers’ doors was a very sensible idea.

Secondly, I was concerned the boys might accidentally scratch somebody’s pride and joy and I would end up dealing with an angry motorist who had noticed a scratch on their bonnet.

Unfortunately, Josh was not happy and accused me of ruining his money-making plans.

I told him to find other more sensible methods to make money.

I used to do lawn-mowing when I was a kid, but as Lou pointed out, an 11-year-old in charge of a lawnmower could be a health and safety issue.

Lou: I couldn’t believe it when Jez said he’d rather his son mowed lawns to earn extra money than clean cars.

Surely mechanical spinning blades and an 11-year-old is a combination that will never end well?

Cleaning cars seems like a far better idea to me.

I understand Jez being worried about his son knocking on strangers’ doors, but if he limits Josh to just their own close I can’t see a problem.

Also, if someone was really worried about their car then they would simply say ‘no, sorry I don’t want a child washing my car’.

Fair enough.

I remember organising, with my friends, a Blue Peter bring and buy sale when I was at primary school and being featured in the local paper.

It was great fun and we learnt loads by having to plan everything from where we were going to put posters to who would man the stalls.

I think it’s great that Josh wants to find ways to make a bit of extra money. It shows drive and creativity.

And you never know, given the right encouragement, in a few years he could be on The Apprentice.