Don’t fail to prepare

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If you fail to prepare, then prepare to fail.’

This phrase haunted me throughout my A-level studies and still continues to be reiterated by my present lecturer.

As I sit with my hands gripping my head, doing all I can to understand certain topics, I can’t help but to reflect on this telling phrase.

The word ‘fail’ echoes in my mind, almost leading me into a form of madness.

I guess so many of us believe that the lessons we sit in are enough to make us pass our exams. But they’re not.

The importance of additional study and revision is so great that if you fail to do it, then don’t go pointing fingers if you don’t achieve the grade you hoped for.

Whatever we do and wherever we go, we need to prepare.

Preparation can be anything, from physical to emotional.

If we’re not ready for something, then things may cave in like a ton of bricks, resulting into unpleasant outcomes.

To me, having a fair idea of something before doing whatever it is has become a friend.

It allows me to have a clear mindset and pursue something with positivity.

It’s unfortunate that we live in a society that is all about what we have, with many inconsiderate towards those who don’t possess as much.

There are people on this globe who have no choice but to prepare for nothing other than survival.

Often people fail to prepare without any choice. Things can happen so suddenly and flip a life around.

But for as long as you can prepare for something, I’d encourage you to do so.

Just remember there are people that are more unfortunate than us. Preparing for various things can be mundane, but it’s important.

Preparation is so fundamental in everything we do. Young people have to prepare today more than ever before.

Gone are the days where you could walk straight into a job and guarantee a secure career. We live in a competitive culture and must be ready for it.

There was once a time when I was so stubborn and thought I knew more about certain topics than I actually did. With vast emphasis on embracing a challenge, I ignored any ‘mature’ advice delivered to me.

It’s evident to me now that this was a wrong move.

As a result, I now repeat the phrase that I once dismissed.

So don’t fail to prepare – and don’t be someone who falls behind when it’s you who can actually prevent the failure in the first place.