Don’t faint, but this year I might drive to the office do

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I’m enjoying my ‘paternity’ break with little sleep, constant nappy-changing and general attempts at being a domestic god.

I put on my pinny, cook dinner, bath Freddie and put him to bed, then hang out the washing.

Before, I would always be the last to leave or the instigator of leading us to Tiger Tiger

But it wasn’t long before I started looking through my work e-mails.

Why can’t I just switch off?

My show is being well looked after and I have no work responsibilities for two weeks. But there I was, pinging e-mails back and forth to the office.

As with all businesses, it’s a busy time of the year. But at Wave 105, it’s particularly bonkers.

Our toy appeal wants to make sure every child living in poverty across the radio station’s region receives a present on Christmas morning. That’s 64,000 children.

Twenty-odd thousand of those children live in The News circulation area, a ridiculous amount in 2015.

It’s a big ask, so it’s all hands to the pump. Plus we have big cash competitions going on. So there I was, in my car helping to write production pieces that appear between the songs to help make our listeners aware.

Then I noticed an e-mail from the big boss about ‘The Christmas Party’ and asking ‘red or white?’

This year, we’re taking over a restaurant in Portsmouth for our festive shenanigans.

I love our Christmas parties. But something has changed.

I’m normally the first to don the silly festive hat and pour a large glass of red or three. Maybe a Jagerbomb later too.

But this year (don’t faint) I might drive. Yes, drive! The thought of having a skinful and then returning home to change nappies at 2am, 4am and 6am fills me with dread.

Before, I would always be the last to leave or the instigator of leading us to Tiger Tiger.

Am I finally growing up? I don’t think so.

As soon as baby Holly starts sleeping through the night, I’m sure I’ll be up for a little taste of that wonderful German digestif once again.

For 2015 though, I will keep it low key. For the sake of my head.