Don’t fall into trap of changing who you are

Will using a certain body spray make you a babe magnet?
Will using a certain body spray make you a babe magnet?
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Life is full of many realistic and unrealistic objectives. Many targets we set are achieved and as a result we are encouraged because we have gained something we were working towards.

But many things we aspire to have, or be, are totally unrealistic.

Our lives are being manipulated through commodities

Sam Poole

We live in a world which is driven by goals and deadlines, a world which never sleeps with things happening continuously.

The communities in which we live are incredibly busy beyond the lives we have. There is always something happening.

Life isn’t easy and we are all on a unique journey experiencing independent things which nobody else, not even ourselves, can fully understand.

There’s nothing wrong with setting yourselves targets which you would like to reach – as long as they are attainable.

Recently I have seen people demotivated, pulled down, unhappy, and exhausted because of something they haven’t gained.

A prime reason for not reaching that target is down to it not being achievable.

Why would anyone aim to gain something which they know is unrealistic?

The topic I feel which is important to address is self-worth.

We live in a culture where it is becoming increasingly challenging for the young generation to accept who they are.

Both genders are bombarded with advertisements hooking millions into an unrealistic lifestyle.

Buying a certain body spray means you’ll have a swarm of women around you. Eating a certain food means all the guys will like you. Looking a certain way means you’re one-up on that person opposite you. It’s all rubbish.

Our lives are being manipulated through commodities and because of this we are idolising what they portray to be the norm.

And young people are falling in to this trap. The determination some people have to change themselves is incredible.

My heart aches for those who feel unworthy and change who they are as a result of what others ‘may think.’

We can over-evaluate who we are and get really bogged down with unachievable objectives to satisfy ourselves when, in fact, there isn’t anything wrong with us at all.

Young people need to begin setting goals which are achievable and can energise them.

At the same time they need to prevent being pulled down by what can be a cruel world wanting us to be something which we will never be.