Don't get vans mixed up or she'll look like Lily Savage

All he wanted was his baked potato filled with beans and cheese...

STEVE CANAVAN: Pronged attack could have left me a goner  

I spoke to a local lady on my show this week who I told should be one of the candidates on the next series of The Apprentice.

Sarah Keenan invested 18,000 converting an Iveco van into a mobile tanning unit. Genius!

Like those doggy pampering vans, she'll come to your work or home. Then you pop into the van and 15 minutes later you'll have changed colour and be able to blend in with a mahogany sideboard.

So fellas, if you're looking for last-minute gifts, book the missus in for a tan and the dog in for a cut and blow dry.

Save time by getting them to arrive together – but just make sure the other half gets into the right van, otherwise she'll end up looking like Lily Savage in season.