Don’t knock us for making the most of novelty factor

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STEVE CANAVAN: The case of the 'kitchen' door is open and shut

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There’s been a bit of fuss about the large queues seen outside the new KFC in Gosport’s High Street.

For years the good people of Gosport have wanted the Colonel’s secret recipe and now that we have it, we’re going to use it.

Some nasty comments on The News’s website said that people in the town must have very low expectations – but they are wrong. It’s about the novelty factor.

It’s no different from the queues created by drivers wanting to use the Hindhead Tunnel for the first time, or my Nan spending hours travelling up and down on the Isle of Wight’s first escalator.

Then again, if the queues at KFC are still there in six months’ time, I may change my opinion!