Don’t let your celebration be a misery for others

Vital to plan together in case disaster should strike

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Of course there are those who think that Halloween isn’t really an occasion to be celebrated because of the modern-day associations it has as an event with its roots in evil.

However, it has become a hugely popular time for others and we’re sure that many people will be getting together with family and friends this weekend ahead of October 31.

We think there’s a lot of fun to be had with Halloween and we’re marking that with our One Spooky Day photographic competition.

Walk into any supermarket or shop and it’s soon clear to see that the amount of merchandise on offer makes Halloween almost as big an occasion as Christmas.

Not all of it is tasteful though. In fact some of the more gruesome masks and gory costumes are very much in bad taste.

Knocking on people’s doors in order to go trick or treating also requires some thought and that’s where parents come in. There’s nothing wrong with knocking on neighbours’ doors if you know that they will welcome your attention.

But it’s not on to go bothering those who will be frightened by the arrival of children on their doorstep, no matter how much fun you think it will be.

Parents have a responsibility to know where their children are at all times of the day and night and Halloween is no different.

The same can be said of firework events and at this time of year it is vital that parents keep a close eye on what their children get up to.

In the wrong hands, fireworks can be deadly. We’re very lucky to have so many organised events for the community to enjoy and the fireworks on offer at these supervised gatherings are far superior to anything you can set off at home.

There really is no need to buy fireworks of your own, so we urge families to make the most of what’s on offer locally and attend an organised display instead.

When it comes to Halloween and Bonfire Night, there’s no reason why people can’t enjoy themselves if they want to take part.

But they must do it safely and without causing harm or distress to others.