Don’t worry, who would want Clegg as a friend anyway?

COMMENT: Health plan worth trying as we can’t go on like this

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For someone who’s been steeped in politics most of his adult life, Mike Hancock can be a sensitive little soul at times.

He has revealed that though many of the Westminster great and good had been in touch to wish him well as he recovered from his recent heart surgery, his party leader Nick Clegg was not among them.

Nary a card nor a bunch of grapes apparently, and the Portsmouth South MP was so hurt he felt compelled to make the snub public.

Why? It was only ever going to sound like a self-pitying whinge – and most heart-strings went conspicuously unplucked upon hearing the news.

I reckon Clegg is a cynical, opportunistic lightweight.

Who on earth would want him as a friend anyway?