Dragging out those heavy clothes leaves wardrobe in a right state

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I was just wondering, due to the colder weather now arriving, how many people have completely wrecked the insides of their wardrobes by pulling out a load of bulky winter clothes that have been stuck at the back since about the end of February?

I reckon thousands of wardrobes are now in a right state because of heavy clothes being dragged out from the back through all the warmer weather clothes you’ve been keeping at the front during the summer.

It made me realise that, basically, we need one wardrobe for winter clothes and one for summer, otherwise the whole thing turns into a mess around this time of year.

We can spend days re-arranging everything for the winter. And getting the Puffa-jacket style anorak out is just the worst. It disturbs everything because it’s so big!

Now, here’s the first in an occasional series called Pathetic Things Men Have Done On A Date. This is something my mate told me he did when going on a first date with this woman he met.

He went for a meal to the restaurant of her choice, which he’d never been to before. But (and this is really sad), he looked up the menu of the place online before going there, just so he knew exactly what to order when he got there so he could appear really decisive to this woman.

So, he looked at the menu and ordered what he wanted straight away in a bold and forthright voice and he looked like a real ‘Alpha-male’ type of guy.

She must have been impressed because she went on a second date with him. But after a couple of drinks he blurted out that he’d checked the menu on that first date to pretend he was bold and decisive.

And she walked out and dumped him!