Dragons’ Den star’s a great example to all of us...

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COMMENT: A business community that is simply the best

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The entrepreneurial spirit is what will help this country recover from its double-dip recession.

That’s been the message from government over the past few years.

So it’s great to see that spirit in action today, as we report of page 3.

Marie Sawle spotted that her dog was a huge fan of ice cream, even though, obviously, it wasn’t good for him.

No great surprise there.

But it’s what Marie did next that made all the difference.

She decided to do something about it and set about inventing a healthy version of the human treat.

As she says in the article: ‘I started to think of something that would be better for him.’

And last night she got to show it off to the nation on BBC2’s Dragons’ Den.

Not only that, but she had dragons Hilary Devey and Deborah Meaden battling it out as to who would give her the £60,000 cash injection she was looking for.

In the end Deborah Meaden won that battle and now the firm – called Billy and Margot after her dogs – is up and running.

It was launched at Crufts and orders have been flooding in – she’s shifted 40,000 units so far, which is hugely impressive.

What’s great about this story is the inspiration it provides.

Hard work can pay off. Good ideas can become a reality.

The positive spirit that Marie showed it getting her product to the marketplace is just what we need at the moment, as the clouds of financial woe persist.

Yes times are hard in the jobs market and, yes, the economy is in the doldrums, but it’s this sort of spirit that will help lift us out of it.

So we applaud Marie and hope that if her appearance on Dragons’ Den does one thing – apart from getting her business going – it inspires another generation of entrepreneurs.