Dream of fans owning the club could become a reality

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Do you think we, the fans, could actually own Portsmouth FC? Do you think the people of this area could, once and for all, end the uncertainly that comes with having a succession of foreign owners of the club?

I used to love the idea of Pompey being bankrolled by a rich owner. But now I see teams like Manchester City and Chelsea as an embarrassment to the game, just a rich man’s toy to play with at their whim.

For me, the clubs to be proud of are the likes of Swansea City and Exeter City, where fans have the power. In Germany, all clubs must be 51 per cent owned by supporters.

Look at Swansea City. Fans bought 20 per cent of the club after massive problems with the Australian owners threatened the closure of the club. Since then, the club have built a new stadium with the council’s help and are one of the brightest stars in the Premier League.

How amazing would it be if a consortium of local businesses and fans joined together to raise the money to save Pompey?

Surely this is where our future lies. It should be about living within our means and slowly building up this great club again.

With the proposed redevelopment at Tipner, a new stadium there could be financed with help from the council and the sale of Fratton Park.

A huge sports complex to complement the retail and housing development would benefit Pompey as well as the community. Training facilities could be opened up to the public when the club wasn’t using them.

A first-class youth team policy is also a must. Just look at the players that Southampton have produced over the past few years and the revenue they have generated for the club. Just think what a responsibly-owned club like ours could do with that money.

It would take ‘outside the box’ thinking, but I’m sure this dream could be a reality if we all worked together.

The fans, council and wider community know Pompey cannot be allowed to die. So how about combining to save the club? As The News’s community campaign says, We Can Do It!

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