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It’s tradition in our office, like many workplaces, to buy a gift for colleagues when you return from a holiday. But some people put rather more effort into it than others.

Jez says: Does anybody actually put any thought into purchasing their colleagues’ holiday gifts?

Personally I don’t normally remember until I’ve returned home.

A few years ago I completely forgot to buy my colleagues any treats from Spain, so on my arrival at Gatwick I headed straight for the nearest sweet shop for a bag of sweets.

Recently a colleague at The Breeze came back from Barcelona and admitted to buying some biscuits at the airport, so at least it would seem I’m not the only one doing some panic airport purchasing.

Myself and Lou had an agreement to buy gifts for each other on our recent holidays.

Unfortunately on our last morning at the campsite it started to rain and I had to take down the tent in a hurry.

I realised almost an hour into my drive home I’d completely forgotten to visit the gift shop at the campsite to purchase something for Lou.

Luckily I was still in Cornwall so I was able to dive into a gift shop in Port Isacc, the home of Doc Martin, and get her some Cornish fudge.

Lou seems to have put just as little effort into buying my gift from France.

She gave me a bag of Tex-Mex mushrooms made by LOU!

Lou says: Now, pre-cooked mushrooms might not seem the most glamorous holiday present, but at least there’s some thought to it.

As soon as I saw the brand name LOU I knew I had to buy them for Jez.

And what he’s not telling you is that I also bought him a jar of salted caramel sauce from the local creperie near where I was staying because I know his favourite flavour of ice cream is salted caramel.

How much more thoughtful can you get?

As well as Jez’s gifts I also bought a few packets of French biscuits for the rest of our colleagues. He got them nothing.

Although perhaps that’s a good thing.

I did once work with someone who bought packets of dried spicy crickets back from his travels.