Driven bonkers by so many calls

Picture: Ian Hargreaves

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It drives me bonkers, my girlie pals bonkers and my bloke buddies bonkers. What am I talking about? Automated cold calls.

Aargggh! How do you get rid of them folks?

My landline is ex-directory, plus I have a security block on it as well. And still I get two or three automated calls every day. Nightmare.

I was watching the Panorama TV programme Who’s Calling You on Monday night. They’d gone undercover in call centres to find out all the tricks used to get people who are called to purchase something.

During the programme viewers were advised to go to the Telephone Preference Service (TPS) and register that they don’t want companies cold calling them.

But some solicitor chappie being interviewed said: ‘Well actually that’s not foolproof. Because there’s so much money to be earned from cold calling prospective customers that some companies will risk the fine (which only came in this January) and ignore the law.’

So what to do folks? At least if it’s a real person on the phone you can shout abuse at them (I know, not very ladylike and refined for an ex-private convent schoolgirl).

Automated calls just drone on and on and on. One of my girlie pals doesn’t speak when she answers her phone. If there is ‘empty air’, she presumes it’s a cold call and puts the receiver down.

Another pal leaves his phone on permanent answerphone so the cold calls don’t disturb him.

He got so fed up with automated calls, which always seemed to happen when he was up to his armpits in work, in the bath, or on the loo. He just couldn’t take any more.

This is ridiculous, we’re being terrorised in our own homes.

And finally....

According to a recent survey, drivers of black BMWs are the rudest on the roads.

I disagree.

If any motorist on Pompey’s roads is on their mobile, doesn’t indicate, stops without warning or tailgates me, it’s usually somebody in a 4x4.

So there.