Drum kit is the tool of revenge

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The musical mad house has a new kid in town.

An electric guitar for our one-year-old son Jack has just arrived.

We’ve always got some form of music on at ours, be it the radio, a CD of nursery rhymes, or someone clacking or whacking some form of instrument.

None of us are particularly talented.

In fact I’d go as far as saying that we’re all pretty much talentless. But we love music.

African bongos, didgeridoos and tambourines are just three of our favourites at the moment and all of them are regularly thrashed with no discernable rhythm.

My mum thought it was a good idea to buy Jack a guitar and he just loves the authentic rock twang that it blasts out.

I’m so grateful for this noisy purchase that I’ve located the My First Drum Kit for toddlers.

It’s a full on drum arrangement and I think it’s only fair to return the favour and show my appreciation by letting my mum keep it in her lounge.

You know, for when he visits.