Dynamic Duo are fighting crime in our supermarkets

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Batman and Robin have been praised for bringing a criminal to justice.

It’s not a new episode of Only Fools and Horses – it happened in a Tesco.

Ably assisted by a David Hasselhoff lookalike and a Smurf, they apprehended somebody in the shop.

This person had assaulted Robin on the street before fleeing the scene like a dastardly coward, with the Dynamic Duo in hot pursuit.

A scuffle ensued in the shop’s toilet roll aisle – POW! WHAM! BIFF! – and the hapless villain was arrested.

He pleaded guilty in court, and the police (not Commissioner Gordon) issued a public thank you on Twitter: ‘Thank you to Batman, Robin, Robin’s dad, a Smurf, and The Hoff for helping us on Friday night. #Tesco, sorry about the toilet roll aisle.’ Brilliant.