Easter is a great time for us to chill out

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Easter is almost here. It often seems today that young people don’t even consider the real reason of celebrating Easter and focus on the two-week break we have instead – which I completely understand.

The two-week break for young people, unfortunate for those adults in full-time work, is a great time for us to chill out and spend time doing what we wish to do.

Obviously, we’ll dedicate some time to work on homework/coursework assignments, although it’s clear that most time will probably be spent socialising with friends, spending time with family and possibly squeezing in some overtime at work. The problem is, when we go back from a week or two off, it seems as if we’ve had no break.

I often question myself about why it feels this way. Is it because we may sleep in for three hours, so limiting the number of hours in the day?

Or is it the fact that we jam-pack our Easter break with things to do and eventually end up exhausted when we go back?

Either way, it’s not good, having that feeling of having had little or no break.