Eating less than a prisoner of war is not healthy eating – Verity Lush

There is an interview with Kara Rosen (a juice company founder) doing the rounds on social media at the moment.  In it, Kara details her day, from start to finish, and the meals that she consumes during it.

Or at least, what she considers to constitute ‘meals’. 

Now, I am all for healthy eating. Avocados, salmon and so on, a varied but balanced diet to aid my hobby of running, but there is healthy eating and then, as Kara demonstrates, there is air and kale. 

Apparently, at around lunchtime, Kara likes something ‘carby’. ‘Mmm, carbs,’ I hear you say.

Well your sandwich or pasta or chips idea of carbs are simply not Kara’s.

By ‘carby’, Kara means that she adds a rice cake or two to her green salad.

This salad follows the green juice she had mid-morning when her ‘tummy was rumbling’.

Presumably doing so because the only things in it are both sparse and, invariably, green.

Before going for a run, Kara will eat not something sensible, such as porridge, but a handful of nuts.

It is perhaps no surprise to learn that by 3pm she is having a ‘dip in energy’, given that she has eaten less calories than those consumed by a prisoner of war. 

For dinner, Kara has a kale salad (of course she does), with such face-stuffing accompaniments as olives, pistachios, some dried cherries, argan oil, and a ‘drop of apple cider vinegar’.

Frankly Kara, why bother? I imagine air alone would taste better and probably be more filling.

At the weekend, we see Kara go a bit wild though.

Aha, you say, nobody could be that virtuous all the time!

What is it? Curry? Kebab and a few glasses of red?

Why no, dear reader, it is the occasional almond milk cappuccino. 

I sincerely hope that, in reality, Kara is sometimes to be found hiding in the downstairs loo in her underwear, stuffing her little cheeks full of Mars Bar, whilw wiping smears of melted chocolate across her pants and snaffling a family sized bar of Dairy Milk. 

Food is fuel, Kara, not punishment.

Whatever the weather, we’re a nation obsessed

Apparently, we are due a drought now Britain has experienced its first long-stretch summer.

How do other countries cope? If it snows in the UK, the Daily Express will scream SNOWMAGEDDON!

And then out comes the grit and the roads are shut. If it rains, the Daily Express screams FLASH FLOODING TO KILL ALL and we begin wondering whether to commence building arks.

If the sun shines for longer than a day, the Daily Express screams HEATWAVE TO LAST ETERNITY and we are no longer allowed to turn our hosepipes on.

I honestly believe the cliché of the British being obsessed by weather is true. Whether it rains, shines or hails, it’s all about the weather.

Taking a swipe at such a brave human is a low blow

I wrote about Elon Musk some weeks ago and his blatantly PR-related stunt in showing up at the caves where the Thai lads were trapped suggesting all manner of techniques for removing them.

Since then, Musk has piped up sulkily on social media because his ludicrous ideas of mini-submarines that would never have got through the caves, and inflatable air socks, were eschewed, in favour of tried and tested techniques, and brave human beings. 

He has subsequently seen fit to label one of said brave human beings a ‘pedo’, with no justifiable cause whatsoever.

Indicative, as if further evidence were needed, that Musk himself is rather odd.