Education will help us tolive together in harmony

The last time I saw a picture of a severed pigs' head it was on the front cover of William Golding's Lord Of The Flies.

Monday, 25th January 2016, 6:01 am
The pig's head left tied to the Madani Academy gates

Actually I tell a lie — it was a rather startling and ultimately fake picture mocked up to depict the alleged David Cameron pig sex scandal.

Anyway, back to more civilised matters — or are they?

The book’s about a group of boys stranded on an island who turn savage when the guiding principals of society are removed. Only two boys, Piggy and Simon, remain unchanged. And both die.

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The reason I’ve got pigs on my mind is because someone decided to protest against Portsmouth’s Madani Academy by tying a pig’s head to the railings with cable ties in a blatant bit of attention-seeking.

They also decided to carve or draw a swastika on the pig and something rude about Allah.

Now, if these people were in any way intelligent, rather than the knuckle-dragging drop-out numbskulls they actually are, they would not only have realised they were probably caught on the school’s CCTV, but that the original meaning of the swastika was to wish good fortune, luck and well-being.

But knowing something like that requires an education, or at least the intelligence to know how to type something into Google.

I don’t agree with segregating children on any grounds.

I think the best chance we have for a country free from conflict is to educate our young in the same way, in the same place and at the same time.

But I don’t think tying a pig’s head to the railings is going to do anything other than outrage an already-suspicious and victimised people, and inflame the differences between people in Portsmouth.

I sometimes despair of some of the people living in this city — like the ones who march for the English Defence League despite the city they live in being founded by an immigrant (he was French).

It’s obviously too late for the pig-headed morons, but ironically enough I think it’ll be education that helps us live together in harmony.