Elbow grease will make this train station a nicer place

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As far as train stations go, Emsworth is by no means the worst. It is functional and a long way from being an eyesore.

But the residents who now want to spruce it up a bit clearly feel that so much more could be done to make this station a more inviting place.

We commend them for their get-up-and-go spirit.

They are prepared to put in the elbow grease and their reward will be a nicer station for the rest of their village to enjoy.

Flower displays and a restored waiting room will make an immediate difference and will look good to those travelling through Emsworth, as well as those arriving and departing from the village.

Getting local children involved in creating murals is also a great idea and we’re glad Southern Railway is on board with both the aim and the spirit of this project.

Rather than sit back and lament the fact that their station is a little bland, these residents have rallied round, approached the train company and proposed some very practical changes.

Restoring the former Victorian waiting room and transforming it into some sort of community room will make this station a far more welcoming place to be. There is real potential here and it should be easily achievable too.

The enthusiasm of the volunteers is to be admired and we hope that spreads across the village and inspires others to get involved.

Of course, private companies have a duty to maintain the buildings and property they are responsible for themselves, and volunteers should never be used to replace that.

But Southern Railway has been maintaining Emsworth train station – it’s just the locals have spotted some new ways to brighten it up.

In keeping with our We Can Do It campaign, designed to recognise the many good things people in our area get up to for the benefit of others, this group of residents will be achieving something that will bring joy to many.

We wish them luck with the rest of the project.

It really is amazing to see what a little man – and woman – power can do.