End of the clampers is an overdue victory for all

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This is a result that many people have been watching, waiting and hoping for, so we’re sure there will be many motorists letting out a cheer today.

By taking over enforcement at the two sites in Cosham, Portsmouth City Council has shown it wants to put an end to the considerable problems experienced by motorists and traders there in recent months.

There are many who will see this as a victory for common sense.

The sheer number of complaints about the way clampers have been operating makes it hard to view it as anything else.

Many felt that City Watch Enforcement was making people’s lives a misery and data collected by Portsmouth North MP Penny Mordaunt shows that 180 motorists have so far appealed against the £205 fees being charged.

Of course, The News has been keeping a close watch on this issue.

After dozens of people called us up shortly after the clamping begun we decided action needed to be taken.

We went up with our own signs to make it clear to motorists that clampers were operating in these car parks.

Praise must be given to MP Penny Mordaunt’s office who has campaigned for Portsmouth City Council to take over enforcement of the car parks and helped motorists with their appeals.

We’re pleased that these sites will now be brought in line with all the other council car parks in the city from early next year and the clampers forced to leave.

We’ve had our fair share of problems with clampers in the past and many people feel that it’s just a licence to print money.

That’s why the time has also come for the government to act – and swiftly.

There are plans in the pipeline to ban clamping from private land but motorists will have to wait until next year for that and many don’t feel protected under current rules.

How many more people need to call for a comprehensive and far-reaching code of conduct to be introduced before we finally see that become a reality?