Equality goes all the way to where you get a haircut

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Haircuts should be a simple thing. 
You walk into your hairdresser of choice, tell the person your requirements, take a seat and relax while you’re expertly trimmed.

But sadly that was not the case for Alice O’Toole.

When she went to Razor’s Edge barbers in Portsmouth she was told ‘we don’t do girls’.

To make things even worse, it wasn’t as if she was looking for tints and a perm.

The 21-year-old wanted her head shaving and designs in her hair – exactly the kind of style the barber is renowned for.

While of course, we can see that there’s a different skillset involved in what are traditionally women’s and men’s styles, in this case it’s hard to see why she was turned away.

Understandably, Alice was upset, saying ‘I was angry and confused as to why I was refused service just because I am a woman’.

Apart from anything else, isn’t the customer always right? Apparently not.

That said, credit where credit’s due.

The owner was quick to apologise for the mix-up and even offered to cut Alice’s hair for free.

But in this case it was too late – she’d already been somewhere else.

In a time when equality in all areas of society is improving all the time, it’s disappointing to see something like this happening.

Yes, traditionally barbers have been for men, but surely in 2013 it’s not beyond the realms of possibility to get your hair cut where you want?

The wider issue here is not simply one of ‘where can I get my haircut’ but one of all areas of society moving forwards and an equal pace to keep up with the equality movement that is continuing apace.

Women and men are now, quite rightly, seen as equals across the board. Let’s not allow things like this remind for too long of times when this was not always the case.