Escape the screen and go camping this summer

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Ihad a fun, challenging and adventurous weekend as I was away camping with beavers, cubs, scouts and explorers.

It was a fantastic opportunity to get everyone who is a part of a scout group to get together for activities.

The weather wasn’t totally on our side with several downpours. And the canvas we were sleeping under was put away damp ready to be unfolded to dry.

The sun made an appearance. When it was setting.

But that all added to the fantastic experience which is camping.

To me there is nothing better than enjoying the fresh air and appreciating the countryside we have on our doorseteps.

We really are privileged to have it so easy to escape from the hurly-burly of modern life.

There was a firm reminder of how much people rely on things such as games’ consoles and other man-made objects.

Two nights away and several were desperate to get their hands on a controller to play a game.

I believe the whole process of stepping away from everyday life and geting back to basics is vital.

I see camping as a chance to not look at an electronic screen. Why? Because I stare at one more or less full-time at work.

I guess this is all a part of the challenge the scouts are presented with. It is challenging to get to used to not having everyday luxuries.

However, it all adds to part of the adventurous things it could lead to.

When away from home with so many young people, one of many priorities is to keep them occupied with loads of things to do.

The moment they sit around and twiddle their thumbs is when homesickness and boredom starts to set in.

But last weekend’s nights away were clearly successful in keeping them on their feet, having a blast of a time.

Scouting is something I have written about on many occasions. The passion and devotion of the adult leaders who make such a difference is admirable.

There were more than 11 members of staff away at this weekend who were all volunteers.

I think some of them were missing their games’ consoles too!

It is just a great reminder to see thousands across this country doing what someone once did for them.

So, this summer, why not go camping?