Even Dick and Dom have a claim on my calendar

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Easter Sunday is just 12 days away. There are 20 days until the Royal wedding and, lest you forget, only 256 days until Christmas.

We have recently been afflicted with Mother’s Day and before we know it, we will be rushing around at 9.30pm on June 18 trying to rustle up something appropriate for Father’s Day.

I can see the relevance of Easter Sunday as a religious observance (although I am wracking my brains to link the miracle of Jesus’ resurrection with the gaudy chocolate bunnies and Ben 10-themed eggs currently in the shops) and for some, I gather, the Royal wedding is an event to be celebrated. But the significance of Mother’s Day completely passes me by.

You may think that I am simply some old grouch, refusing to conform to societies norms. And you’d be right.

But I honestly don’t see why children can’t be appreciative of their mothers every day of the year. And I don’t need flowers, cards, or any branded merchandise to prove that their loving thoughts are true.

Mother’s Day, or more correctly Mothering Sunday, does have historical origins.

Once a year, in the middle of Lent, it was considered important for people to return home to their ‘mother’ church. This became a time for family reunions, especially since many children, especially daughters, may have left home to work in service.

I was brought up not feeling the need to celebrate Mothering Sunday. My own mother doesn’t care too much for the commercialism and sentimentality of the whole occasion, so I was off the hook.

My husband, however, has discovered that his mother attaches a huge amount of significance to the date so his inability to provide anything is a constant source of angst for her.

My children, it seems though, also like a chance to celebrate any occasion, and Mothering Sunday is just another reason to make a day a little more special.

On this special day, not so long ago, they woke me up with a special cuddle and a card, cooked pancakes for me, and insisted on plying me with tea whilst shoving cushions behind my head to ‘make me comfy’.

All very honourable I know, and despite it all, I do appreciate it.

But it’s when my youngest daughter started wanting to celebrate a fictional occasion that she heard about from those well-known bastions of cultural mores, Dick and Dom, that my patience was initially tried.

On one of their eye-wateringly inane TV shows Dick and Dom declared that the last Tuesday of June will be known as Garlic Tuesday.

I was instructed to put this important date in my diary and be sure to celebrate it with a garlic tree, stinky stockings, lots of garlic of course, and hope that Farty Wiffmas comes to give us all lots of presents.

We did actually have garlic bread on the last Tuesday of June 2010 in honour of Garlic Tuesday.

It was an excuse to be a bit silly and make as many stinky jokes as we could.

So maybe these dates aren’t so bad after all, although as a family we won’t be celebrating 4/20 day – which refers to a special day for the cannabis-consuming subculture.