Even I can’t take a psychic horse

Canon Tom Kennar, rector of St Faith's Church, Havant, explains how the church is helping homeless people in the town

CANON TOM KENNAR: The ways we’re helping the homeless in our town

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Twinkle, twinkle, little star. Folks, I’m getting a vibration from the universe that Twinkletoes himself is coming to Southsea.

The ex-Strictly Come Dancing star and astrologer Russell Grant – he who flew through the air on a tea tray and suspension wire – will appear at the Kings Theatre from October 1 as Teen Angel in the touring production of Grease. What a scream!

Anyway, from a spooky person to a spooky horse. But first, as a spooky sister myself, I don’t believe all the claims of the spook trade. I can’t accept that bits of rock, crystal healing, etc can cure ailments.

I don’t believe in spirit guides – usually ancient soothsayers, nuns, monks, or native Indians – either.

Especially after I was told my spirit guides were a blue haired witch doctor and a rather dodgy exotic dancer. Good eh!

I also have mixed feelings about celebrity psychic mediums. I’ve interviewed the TV psychics Sally Morgan and Colin Fry and reviewed their stage shows.

Do they always receive spirit messages or is there a bit of hocus pocus going on? The honest answer is, I’m not sure folks.

But I do draw the line at a psychic horse. I was reading one of those fortune magazines, and there it was...Texas the psychic horse, a pet problem page. I couldn’t believe it.

A reader wrote in to say that her cat, Niblet, had scabs on his ears and did Texas think he’d be okay? Texas replied that Niblet had been in a cat fight (wow), and that he’d rather be called Marvin. What a load of old crystal balls dear.

And finally, last Sunday in the blustery wind and rain I attended the third annual Southsea Westie Walk on the promenade.

The lovely Leanne Bailey organised it to raise funds for The Foundation for the Study into Infant Deaths.

So far 200 people and 75 Westies have raised more than £2,000 with more to come.

If you want to join in next year go to southseawestiewalk.org.uk