Even my socks are feminine

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Living with three females, my partner Serena and my two daughters, it’s inevitable that our house will sometimes feel more feminine than masculine.

As I walk into the living room I suddenly get that feeling that I am being watched. Then I turn towards the sofa and see three of my daughters’ dollies staring at me.

Then I take a step forward and trip over a small doll’s pram in front of me.

Later, I’m sitting watching television and my four-year-old daughter Caitlin tries to put lipstick on my lips. When I question what she’s doing with make-up, she assures me it’s just pretend lipstick.

Then when I turn over in bed during the night, I wonder what is jabbing me in my side. Of course it’s Princess Mermaid Barbie.

Recently I bought some socks and each pair had a different colour stripe at the top, including one in pink.

That’s okay, I thought. Nothing wrong with men wearing pink.

Until my two-year-old daughter Alyssa asked me why I was wearing mummy’s socks.