Every arrest could help to save a life in the future

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As with so many things in life, on the issue of drink-driving, the question ‘why?’ springs to mind.

Knowing everything we know – that roads are dangerous at the best of times; that people die in road crashes; that drink-driving can lead to disqualification from the road, why would anyone get behind the wheel of a car while under the influence of drink or drugs?

Yet, despite a change of mood in society, and the repeated efforts of police via increasingly graphic advertising campaigns to deter drink-driving, it would appear that this menace remains on our roads.

As we report today, police have blasted ‘complacent’ drink and drug-drivers after a spike in arrests.

Hundreds of people were caught out, with 254 arrested in Hampshire last month, up from 222 the year before.

More than 75 per cent of drivers arrested were men, with the highest age group aged between 21 and 30.

Does this suggest macho arrogance or youthful bravado comes into play in such cases?

Whatever the reasons, there can be no excuse.

Drink-driving can ruin the lives of other people on the roads as well as the person behind the wheel.

It has become socially unacceptable among the majority, and it is to be hoped that there remains only a minority still to be educated.

Those who were caught will doubtless learn their lesson.

The publicity surrounding the success of police operations like Operation Holly in December, will hopefully make others think twice before risking lives on the road while over the limit.

Every arrest means one less dangerous driver on the road and an example to others not to take the risk.