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There’s little doubt that going greener is only going to get more important for the next couple of generations.

Which is why it’s great to read in The News today about Tuppenny Barn near Emsworth taking one step closer to its aim of having great facilities for young people.

It was helped along the way by a donation of £2,500 from Friends of the Earth to go towards buying new IT equipment.

Anything that takes the centre closer to its £300,000 target can only be a good thing and we can only hope owner Maggie Haynes’ optimism of reaching the target by January next year is realised.

The barn is a 2.4-acre smallholding providing organic vegetables, fruit, herbs, flowers and plants for local people. And the aim is to give youngsters a grounding in how nature works and the way recycled material can be used.

We applaud this.

Every single person can make a difference to the environment and its future and the earlier they get that message the better.

It’s projects like this one that help get the message across in a way no classroom could.

Visiting the centre will give youngsters great insights, from its foundations made of recycled car tyres to the using of straw bales to insulate the walls.

That, along with the organic fruit and vegetables on offer, will certainly be food for thought.

Hopefully, this will mean that when this generation grows up, their children and their children’s children will be recycling as second nature.

Yes, there are disagreements about climate change and yes, there are strong opinions on each side. But there can be little doubt that this is a case where every little does actually help.

And the more people who know about that from a young age, the better.