Exam grades reflect the hard work done by all

Vital to plan together in case disaster should strike

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We’ve said it before and make absolutely no apologies for saying it again – it’s been another great year of results for our A-level students.

Many of our young people have achieved a clutch of grades that takes them above the national average.

We congratulate all those who have done as well or better than expected and wish them the best as they start to make exciting plans for the future.

Of course there will always be those who rather cynically suggest that the exams have got easier.

But we’d like to see them explain why they think that to one of those students who worked so hard ahead of collecting their exam slips yesterday.

It’s taken a lot of sweat, tears and toil to get to where they are today and it’s quite right that we should let them enjoy a moment to bask in the sunlight of their success.

Yes, it is vital that our exam system should test people in a proper and meaningful way, but all those involved in the education system are already confident that’s the case.

The good grades we’ve seen across our area are testament to the hard work of the students themselves, plus the love and support they’ve received from their family, friends and teachers.

Despite the fact that those now wishing to go on to university will have to pay record-high tuition fees, today’s students have more opportunity to access higher education than ever before.

The University of Portsmouth has already seen a high demand for places on its courses and we’re sure the same picture is one that is replicated across the country.

We know there will be some who didn’t get the results they needed and we wish them luck in the coming days as they make their way through the clearing process and re-evaluate their plans.

All those who did get the A-levels they needed will know they are at the start of a pivotal chapter in their lives.

There will be those who don’t think university is for them and that’s fine. But to all those who know a place awaits them, we say a heart-felt well done.