Excited to see Le Tour back on telly and on these shores

COMMENT: Cameras have become part and parcel of everyday life

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I’m so excited that the Tour de France is back, both on the telly and, briefly, on our shores.

I really wish I could have wangled a trip up to Yorkshire to witness the start, but it just didn’t happen this time. round.

Actually, it’s quite good to watch all the action on the telly.

I’ve been to see it France several times and in Portsmouth 20 years ago. Although the hullaballoo is brilliant, flat stages are bizarre to wait for and watch.

You travel and sit all day for the peloton – the main body of the cyclists - to zip by in an all-too-brief blaze of speed and determination.

Then that’s you done spectating unless there’s a crash right in front of you.

And no-one wants that to happen, do they Cav?