Eye drops sent me into full Paul Burrell I’m A Celebrity mode

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I’m a right little screamer, darlings. I have the pain threshold of a gnat’s nuts, especially when it comes to anyone touching my eyes. Anything but that.

So having to go to St Mary’s Treatment Centre in Portsmouth on Tuesday for my annual diabetic eye screening filled my very soul with absolute dread.

Last year was my first time and I was assured that the eye drops used would just ‘sting a little’.

Aarrgh. Sting a little!It was like knives going into my eyes.

That sent me into full Paul Burrell I’m A Celebrity screaming mode, banging my feet and waving my arms in the air.

What a wimp, eh? I know. How embarrassing. But I can’t help it.

The hospital visit had not got off to a very good start.I’d arrived at the car park nice and early for my appointment. But 20 minutes later I was still driving round and round and round trying to find a parking space.

I tell you, it’s a real nightmare.

Because it’s a one-way system, you can see a car leaving, but you can’t turn into the next No Entry lane. Cue complete exasperation.

So by the time you’ve gone all the way up and down the one-way system, another car has nipped into the space you were hoping to get.

This happened to me a grand total of FOUR times. You can imagine what I was thinking.

Back at home, on my doormat was an In Touch leaflet from Portsmouth councillor Luke Stubbs.

One of the local issues he’d like us to contact him about is ‘should the most dangerous cycle lane in the city ( Albert Road ) be removed?

I say yes. But not for the reason he gives – illegally-parked cars on the south side between Tesco and Festing Road being a danger to cyclists.

Huh! Never mind the cyclists, as most of them are riding on the pavement.

I say it’s the motorists trying to get past them that are in danger.

I suggest, Cllr Stubbs , that under the Freedom of Information Act you publish the number of illegally-parked vehicles in Albert Road whose owners were fined during the past 12 months.

If there were no illegally-parked cars, there would be no danger to cyclists and motorists.

It’s as simple as that.