Facebook mums who name and shame drivers deserve praise

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You can imagine the playground taunts: ‘Your mum’s a prat, your mum’s a prat...’

To some parents, parking badly, if not downright illegally, outside their children’s school and having it exposed on Facebook might be a badge of honour.

But when their children are targeted in the playground, it could just hit home and force them to change their ways.

That’s certainly the intention of the group of mothers from the two Horndean schools featured on page 7 today.

Sick and tired of seeing others leave their cars dumped on yellow lines, strewn across no parking hatchings or abandoned at bizarre angles from the kerb, they are taking direct action before their selfishness puts a youngster in hospital, or worse.

They are taking pictures on their phones of the culprits’ vehicles and posting them on a social media page they have created.

It’s called People Who Park Like Prats.

Controversial? Yes. Naming and shaming always is and the mothers who are behind it are already attracting abuse from those they have ‘caught’.

But it’s also innovative and the kind of community action which has much merit and might spread.

And if it saves one young life, it will have been worth it.

The Facebook page has already attracted 300 ‘likes’ and one of the mothers admits that it is beginning to make a difference.

Let’s face it, hard-pressed, over-burdened police officers and their cash-starved forces have better and more important things to deal with these days than book parents outside the school gates.

We have sympathy with hard-pressed parents (and it’s not just mums; dads are equally guilty of these school run acts of selfishness) rushing to get children to school before heading to work.

But as we have said here repeatedly over the years, there are no excuses for parking illegally outside schools, no matter how short a period that might be for.

And for those who do not have work to rush to, try walking. Even if it is raining.

It will do you and your children good.

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