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Just a glimpse of John Prescott on TV usually prompts an unladylike lunge for the remote control.

Even watching a tedious programme about antiques is preferable to seeing this smug Labour Party relic chatter on at a mile-a-minute.

It’s actually quite hard to escape Lord Prescott. He’s been revelling in his role as a commentator/victim in the phone-hacking scandal and appears to have lost none of his bluster since retiring from politics. For a man who claims not to like journalists very much, he always seems happy enough to stand in front of their outstretched microphones.

But if there was one place I thought would be a Prescott-free zone, it was the set of ITV show Mr and Mrs.

Surely not even this former deputy prime minister would have the guts to appear on a programme designed to prove how well you know your other half when he’s been forced to admit he’s a love cheat? After all, adultery and marital harmony don’t tend to make comfortable bedfellows.

And yet a quick rub of the eyes revealed that, yes indeed, that was Lord Prescott and his marvellously coiffured wife Pauline stepping up to be grilled by Philip Schofield.

It was a move that should have prompted some revulsion but it was oddly endearing – and that’s all down to Lady Prescott. When Tammy Wynette belted out Stand By Your Man it was women like Pauline Prescott she must have had in mind.

If I found out my husband had cheated I’d still be inflicting pain and misery on him, not smiling indulgently as he revealed he’d wooed me with sausages (or in our case, sloe gin).

Here’s a couple who clearly don’t care what others think about their relationship and I reckon that’s fair enough.

Lord Prescott deserved to have his grubby affair exposed. He was the government’s second-in-command when he behaved in a less than honourable way. But he’s retired now and Pauline’s always been happy to play along with the game.

Perhaps the couple will now pave the way for other spicy pairings to appear on the show. I’d pay good money to see David Cameron and Nick Clegg step into the question booth.