Fans’ battle is for club’s soul

Pompey fans are on the brink of a deal to take over their club
Pompey fans are on the brink of a deal to take over their club

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The fight for Pompey isn’t just for its future but also it’s soul.

And the only way it can now be truly cleansed is by seeing the supporters who have not missed a step of the journey, complete their voyage to the club’s helm.

It’s the answer to those who sneer at the mention of the club’s proud name with contempt.

It’s the definitive riposte to the pundits, commentators and now even FA Cup-winning skippers who serve up their condemning soundbytes from back-of-fag-packet research into what has taken place at PO4 in recent years.

It’s right ethically and it’s right morally.

Those who love Pompey are on the brink of truly being able to say they have been their club’s salvation.

Perhaps those who have had their heads turned by talk of £3m transfer kitties from new bidders should take a second to remember that.

Maybe those who have forgotten about the charities and honest hard-working folk who went unpaid should take that into account.

And just possibly those who are now attempting to undermine the Pompey Supporters’ Trust because of their own egos and agendas should think back to those events.

The Trust’s bid now has the greatest momentum since its inception, with the Football League underlining its commitment to the fans.

Meanwhile, Keith Harris makes his bemusing offer to hand the Trust a 15-per-cent stake in the club as part of his group’s late arrival in the ever-twisting Fratton narrative.

That feels a little like Harris offering to supply Tesco with 15 per cent of the horse meat for their Everyday Value Spaghetti, or maybe telling Sharon Osbourne he’ll supply 15 per cent of the Botox used in her face.

Unsurprisingly, the Trust make the succinct response they’ll have 100 per cent of their club, thank-you very much.

Harris’ proximity to Portpin and previous dealings with Balram Chainrai has been enough to unnerve fans well-versed in events of recent years. And who can blame them?

The former Football League chairman has insisted there is no links to previous regimes in his group’s offer.

Yet, the appearance of figures from Pompey past in the group has sent a shudder through fans.

Whether being tainted by association is the same as reasonable doubt for the group’s motives is up for debate.

What isn’t, is their bid does not break the chains with the past, due to the agreement to lease Fratton Park from Chainrai & Co.

The courts can, of course, do just that and complete the final hurdle to the Trust taking control.

If Harris is genuine in his desire to help Pompey, what’s to stop him seeking to talk with the Trust if and when they complete their takeover?

That’s what happened when Simon Jordan considered getting involved three months ago.

In the end, it seems that wasn’t right for either party but the fact that story has been resurrected in recent days is a not-so-subtle effort to destabilise the Trust, and should be treated as such.

The hope would have been people would be able to see past their own agendas for the good of the star and crescent.

Is that too much to ask? With the fans vying for an emancipating victory that is now within their grasp, we’ll wait and see.