Farewell Bob, you really were a gentle geezer’s geezer

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In showbiz news, I was also really sad to hear about the death of Bob Hoskins.

What an actor.

There are few people my age who don’t remember Bob from the hit children’s movie Captain Hook.

His performance as Hook’s loyal sidekick Smee is remembered with great fondness by all of us.

Bob had an aura about him which made you think ‘I’d like to sit down with a nice cup of tea and have a good ol’ chat to you.’

After films like The Long Good Friday in 1980, he took on the mantle of the geezer’s geezer. But towards the end of his career he seemed like everyone’s favourite grandad and he was genuinely one of those actors I respected.

He died on Wednesday from pneumonia and was only 71.

RIP Bob, we’ll miss you.