Farewell Trusty, now’s the time to push those pedals

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I’m sad to report that my much-loved Ford Mondeo estate has made a one-way trip to the great vehicular resting place.

Aptly named Trusty by my son (clearly he wasn’t the one breaking his back pushing it down the road), it got to a point that every time you turned on the ignition you were anticipating something else sucking the remaining morsels from my ever-diminishing bank balance.

As the hunt continues for a new, economical, classy and smooth car for £400... or less, I’ve been utilising public transport and Shanks’s pony.

Living at Portchester, getting the train about is great but ludicrously expensive.

A single to Fareham is just less than £4. As a family if we want to cruise into Southsea, we wouldn’t get a lot of change out of £15. Even Gunwharf’s Gold Award-winning, diamond-priced car park isn’t that demanding.

So, the train is expensive and cars and buses schlep along at walking pace. I truly believe the most sensible, cost-effective, healthy, fun and enjoyable way of getting around Portsmouth is to hop on your bike.

One of the biggest barriers to people cycling are hills, well Portsmouth is flatter than Amsterdam. Apart from the perilous climb over the tracks on St Mary’s Road, you’re flying.

As the number of cycle lanes across the city increases, you’ve plenty of room to manoeuvre and keep safe.

Granted, you need a doctorate to work out the logic in the path along the seafront.

With Easter and the decent weather approaching, experience tells us there will be an additional four million people trying to get to Southsea.

There’s nothing sweeter than cruising past a car-load of sweaty, agitated passengers, gurning out of their windows, taking an hour to get to the beach and another 40 minutes looking for somewhere to park.

If you haven’t been out on your treader for a while, dust it off, pump up the tyres and give it a spin – it’s the UK’s fastest growing sport.

You’ll be chilling on the beach, devouring your first ice-cream while the mugs spend the majority of their day sucking in fumes on the Eastern Road.