Festival’s for the people, not fans of Radio One’s illiterati

COMMENT: Cameras have become part and parcel of everyday life

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Thank goodness the Glastonbury music festival is over for another year.

I went several times years ago, but now prefer to watch from the comfort of my armchair.

That’s because of the cost and the size and also because last time I went it was sunny and I can’t bear to loose that smug memory.

But seriously, how did Ferne and Reggie get to be BBC3 Glastonbury presenters?

I’m sure that they’re not thick, so why do they insist on coming over as if there is nothing between their ears except for sludgy campsite mud?

What a waste of an excellent cultural opportunity. Shame on you BBC.

Glastonbury is for the people, not just for fans of the Radio One illiterati.