Fifa and Sepp Blatter may end up with blood on their hands

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One of the best things about the American legal system is that there’s no such thing as contempt of court

Geographically speaking, it’s unlikely this little column would influence the US judicial system.

Those at the top of Fifa should probably step down in disgrace, not brazenly seek re-election

But, nevertheless, the lack of CoC Act is reassuring for those wanting to write about things happening in the courts across the pond.

Unfortunately for me, with defamation laws being what they are in this country, I can’t write exactly what I feel about Sepp Blatter.

However, having written about banking scandal followed by hacking scandal followed by political scandal, it’s my opinion that those at the top of Fifa should probably step down in disgrace, not brazenly seek re-election.

After all, this isn’t just about football. This is life and death.

A very useful infographic appeared in the Washington Post at the end of last week, comparing deaths in countries hosting major sporting events.

London, for the 2012 Olympics, recorded one death related to Olympic infrastructure construction. Brazil, not known for its health and safety, recorded 10 deaths related to the 2014 World Cup.

Sochi – internationally renowned for its shocking human rights – recorded hundreds.

But Qatar…well, the death toll of migrant workers trying to build a football stadium in a desert is predicted to reach 4,000 before the whistle blows to start the first match.

That’s not even a joke. Four thousand people will probably die, just so football can be played in a country that has no association with the sport and which will be so hot if and when the 2022 World Cup is played there that I wouldn’t be surprised if there aren’t more deaths – of footballers and fans – from the heat.

The Swiss have announced an investigation, separate to the FBI’s indictment of top Fifa officials, into allegations of bribery surrounding the awarding of the 2022 World Cup to Qatar.

If that shows what we all suspect to be true, not only do Fifa and Blatter, in my opinion, have questions to answer in court, they’ll also have very real blood on their hands.