Final countdown to torch relay

Ewan McGregor  as Renton in Trainspotting - the gender neutral toilets Zella has visited are almost as grubby

ZELLA COMPTON: Men – just aim it in the right direction and we’ll all be happy!

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To borrow a line from the song, it’s the final countdown. In two weeks’ time, this area will be playing host to the Olympic Torch and the eyes of the world will be upon us.

Of course, it will be a huge story for us, both in The News and on as the torch is carried through Fareham and Gosport and on to Portsmouth on Sunday, July 15.

The following day – Monday, July 16 – will be just as exciting, with the torch starting its journey at Fratton Park and being carried through the city before being taken by car to Petersfield.

Today we’re starting the final countdown to all that excitement with coverage each day from now on the build-up to the arrival of the torch.

Of course, its journey here will receive coverage around the world, with the spectacular backdrop of Portsmouth Harbour and the city’s historic ships certain to command attention.

But be sure that the most comprehensive coverage will be in The News and at I hope that you enjoy our stories and pictures on what will be an historic moment for the area.