Finally, mascara that doesn’t make me look like a panda

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Okay, I admit I’m a real girlie. While most women go crazy about a new handbag or shoes, for me it’s make-up.

So you can imagine that I was somewhat excited to hear about a revolutionary new mascara that lasts 15 days!

Now, in my time I’ve tried pretty much every make on the market and I’ve yet to find one that, if it’s raining, doesn’t make me resemble a panda or a clown in less than the time it takes to walk to my local pub.

Well, Italian firm Diego says a single coat of this new stuff will stay on for five days, or 15 if you touch it up.

There’s always a downside though, isn’t there? And in this case, it’s the price.

It costs a whopping £16 a tube.

Maybe I’ll stick to the falsies for a while longer!