Finding gold worth £197,000 is a pretty good day’s work

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It’s surely got to be what everyone dreams of – digging a hole and finding a massive lump of gold.

And that’s what one Aussie bloke has done. It appears the days of standing in a stream with a pan are over. This chap, who hasn’t been identified, was using a top-of-the-range metal detector to sweep an area of land in the state of Victoria.

He was in Ballarat, which has been prospected for nearly 200 years.

His machine was so good it found the gold even though it was buried way below the surface. Bet the guys who swept that bit of land before him wished they’d upgraded their equipment.

Now this man can take his Y-shape lump of gold all the way to the bank and cash it in for about £197,000. Not a bad day’s work, all told.